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Bought Sight Unseen: "Satido is One in a Million!"


Hi Sophie,

How are you? I have attached some pickies of the gorgeous chap that you found me and I hope you enjoy them. Satido's training is coming on in leaps and bounds - he is very intelligent and you have to keep raising your game before he gets bored. We have worked a lot on balancing the walk, trot and canter before we started with any of the lateral exercises, but now we can do shoulder in, leg yield, pirouettes and he has just now started to learn the flying changes. Satido has also learnt how to jump and he has got a good pop on him! 

Satido or Spud as he is also known as due to the fact that when he comes in from the field he resembles the state of a freshly dug potato covered in mud, is a type hard to find! I have also been hacking him out and he doesn't bat an eyelid at anything. We have been out in rush hour and stopped the traffic at a busy roundabout and he just wanders along and doesn't even notice when the idiots on our roads come steaming past him.

I have also told loads of people where he came from and I know several that look at your website on a regular basis for horses. It was so nice to be able to trust you and what you do as you know buying one of these chaps with out having tried him is a bit of a gamble. I still look at the website and I could quite easily buy more, but Mark has barred me from having another one. For the time being!

I would just like to say thank you so much for finding me such a gorgeous perfect horse - Satido is one in a million who is a complete gentleman and would walk to the ends of the earth for you. He is a real head turner and every one who meets him seems to fall for his charm - my trainer is besotted with him and I think I am going to have to steal him back from her! If it wasn't for you I would still be looking and I wouldn't have found my ideal horse, thank you again. If you are ever down this neck of the woods please pop by and see us both :) 


Sarah & Satido