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Spanish Horse Viewing Trips

Meet Your Spanish Horse

We understand that busy people with horses rarely have the time to spend searching and researching Andalusian and Lusitano horses, breeders, trainers and bloodlines to find their dream horse and as a result, don't usually get the opportunity to choose from the full range of stunning horses available.

Spanish Horse Specialists has the knowledge and experience to do the legwork for you so that you too can enjoy the wonderful experience of buying a Spanish horse in its country of origin in confidence.

"My experience with purchasing a horse with your service could not have been better.  From picking me up at the airport, choice of accommodation, the trips around to view the specially selected andalusian horses, your handling of the negotiation, the paper work and the transport arrangements for Voltano, to all of my special requests in regard to this horse!  It was all a very special (and relaxed!) experience for me!"  Baroness  Donna Brander



Viewing Visits

Spanish Horse Specialists offers the following options for viewing:

  • Private Viewing Visits

Private accompanied viewing visits allow you the chance to view the horses without pressure and for Sophie to give you her professional help and full dedicated attention.  Sophie hires a car, collects you from the airport and makes all the arrangements for you to view horses specially selected for you. Sophie speaks fluent Spanish and is an expert in Spanish horses, she will act as your escort, translator and guide.    We can reserve a good local hotel for you and all you need to do is book your own flights. 


  • Virtual Viewing

Whilst we do recommend viewing the horse yourself, we also recognise that for some people it is simply unfeasible.  We are happy to facilitate you with all the information and expertise you require to make your decision to buy unseen.  We endeavour to collect up-to-date and thorough video footage of most of the horses available through Spanish Horse Specialists.  If we do not have any video footage of the horse you are interested in, please place an order with us and we will do our utmost to collect live video footage for you on our forthcoming visits.  We can arrange for veterinary examinations and any other professional advice from professionals in the top of their field. Clients who have bought from video using our services have been more than happy with their horses.  However, we do not guarantee any of the horses on Spanish Horse Specialists and if you do decide to purchase a horse unseen, you do so at your own risk with no guarantees from SHS. 


Once you have made a decision, Spanish Horse Specialists will secure the purchase on your behalf, prepare all the paperwork and make all the veterinary, livery, transport and export arrangements for you.


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