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Are you looking for a GRAND PRIX STALLION?

We can offer you a very bespoke, discreet and highly personal service to help you find your next Spanish dressage star.  We understand that professional riders and owners require a  very discreet and professional service and as a result we are able to source the very best Spanish dressage horses.

Whether you are a professional or amateur rider, we can source Spanish dressage horses specifically for you. We have personal contacts with all the top riders and the most elite stud farms in Spain and are able to offer you the best dressage horses available in Spain from Grand Prix prospects to Spanish horses actually competing at Grand Prix internationally.

As anyone at the top levels of equestrian sport knows, finding a current or even future dressage star is an extremely difficult and challenging process even if you are lucky enough to have a relatively unlimited budget. If it appears challenging amongst the vast selection of warmbloods available; it is 10 times more challenging amongst the Iberian horses as there are much fewer of them and even fewer professionally trained horses available. These horses are never advertised nor officially on the market.

We offer a limited and very bespoke service to selected clients who will be the first to receive details of any new talented horses available.

 Contact Sophie directly for details on how to apply for our bespoke Grand Prix Stallion service:


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