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Horses in our Performance Spanish Horses are either currently competing at the FEI levels, PSG, Intermediere I and Intermediere II, or they have recognised potential to be a top performance horse in the dressage arena or the show ring. 

Ref:1011 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 165cm/16.1hh

Price(Euros): Enquire

Born: 2009

Dream Andalusian stallion! Utterly stunning, incredible silver mane and tail and looks like a unicorn. Not only that, he has a magical temperament, se ...

Ref:1010 Show Detail
  CDE/Lusitano X Andalusian Buckskin/Dun Stallion 154cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000

Born: 2001

Utterly stunning golden dun/buckskin lusitano cross andalusian stallion, registered Spanish Sportshorse. Super gorgeous, wonderful temperament, high s ...

Ref:1009 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Dark Bay/Black Stallion 156cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2005

Absolutely stunning fantastic small Prix St George sportshorse and schoolmaster. Lovely looking dark bay/black stallion with super sweet character, ex ...

Ref:1008 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Dark Bay Stallion 164cm/16.1hh

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000

Born: 2003

Very noble and handsome dark bay stallion with good paces, temperament and elegance. Snaffle mouth, uncomplicated ride suitable for amateur dressage o ...

Ref:1007 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Dark Bay Stallion 165cm/16.1hh

Price(Euros): 10,000-25,000

Born: 2005

Gorgeous stallion with wonderful manners, comfortable gaits and highly trained. Doing lateral work, tempi changes and pirouettes. Very easy, gentle st ...

Ref:1006 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Gelding 167cm/16.3hh

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2005

Superb Prix St George Andalusian Gelding! Yes, already gelding, has been for many years. He is a beautiful, talented and highly trained horse at the p ...

Ref:1002 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Stallion 166cm/16.2hh

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000

Born: 2004

Fantastic PSG/Grand Prix trained stallion. Beautiful paces, great temperament and highly trained, doing tempi changes, learning one times, pirouettes, ...

Spanish horses in our Intermediate category range from lady's schoolmasters to dressage horses from Novice to Advanced Medium level.

Ref:1119 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Black Mare 165cm +/-

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2008

Super lovely black ridden mare. Very nice paces, super character, high level of training in lateral work, flying changes, piaffe and Spanish walk and ...

Ref:1111 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Stallion 162cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 euros

Born: 2008

Handsome, steady pleasure riding stallion with 3 steady paces, good looks and kind temperament. Uncomplicated, hacks out. Good conformation, comfortab ...

Ref:1107 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian X PSL Lusitano Palomino Stallion 167cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2010

Every girl's dream horse! Even if palomino is not your thing, this horse is a beauty - big, soft and gentle, good bone and conformation and very beaut ...

Ref:1087 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian X Grey Stallion 156cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 euros

Born: 2006

A wonderful traditional type small quality andalusian (unregistered). Basic flying change, half pass, piaffe and passage. A super price for a super ho ...

Spanish horses in our Breeder category include quality mares, fillies and all foals up to 1 year old with excellent bloodlines.  Prices span the whole range in this category and when youngstock are developing quickly their prices can change quickly. For this reason some of them are 'Price on Application', please contact us for up-to-date prices.

Ref:1194 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Mare 168cm+/-

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2013

Bay 4 year old PRE mare 168cm. Ready to be backed or can be covered. Good gaits for dressage. ...

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Whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, from time to time errors may occur. The details presented here are a guide only and do not form part of any contract or offer for sale.

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