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Welcome to our September Newsletter

August has been a busy month and our international reputation is growing having sold 5 horses to Saudi Arabia and with new clients everyday from places as far afield as Australia, Japan, the US and Mexico.  It is great to see that the fine qualities of the Spanish horse are appreciated in all corners of the world.  We wish all our proud new owners all the best with their new horses. 

Spanish Horse Viewing Trips
International Sales

The 'QUEST' for a Spanish Horse

Finding a Spanish horse is inevitably an emotional experience - there are thrills (hopefully no spills), there is laughter, there can be disappointment, there is beauty, there is heat and dust, there is worry and there is excitement, and most importantly there is love.  This is the reason we call ourselves Spanish Horse 'Quest' because we realise that from the moment the Spanish horse catches your eye to the bond you develop when you finally get your dream horse home, there is a journey - an external and an internal one.  We see our role as supporting you in every stage of the journey.  From the start: whether you are just enquiring and enjoying the beautiful horses on our website, or you have decided to join us in Spain to view these magnificent animals in their country of origin, or perhaps you cannot get out to Spain to view your horse and so we bring the horse to you in your home by DVD, information and communication.  The bit in the middle: when you've made a decision on your horse, we will organise everything from the sales contract to the vet exam and export papers; when you lose out to someone else on a horse you've set your heart on, we will help you get back on your quest to find another, and when you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new horse, we will give you all the advice you need on feeding, management and settling in your new horse and keep in touch with you on every step of its journey.  In the end: when you have bonded with your horse and are living happily ever after, we love to hear about it.


The nature of this work means that we do tend to become good friends with our clients and we also care enormously about the wellbeing of the horse.  The breeders also often ask how their horse is and if the new owner is happy and it is good to be able to report back to them.  While there are a few unscrupulous people in this business, there is an overwhelming majority of wonderful people who all share the same passion for the horse.  Nowhere is this more evident than in Spain where the mention of horses even in the chic urban centres of Barcelona or Granada will create instant rapport.  So, back to love.  It is all around, particularly in your stable...and if it isn't, get yourself a Spanish horse!

Alquimista making friends

New dates for viewing trips:

  • 13 - 15 September - 1 space left
  • 27 - 30 September - FULL
  • 6 - 7 October (also Equus Catalonia)
  • 11 - 15 October

Contact us to book your viewing visit

A Rare Gem

It is very rare to find high quality pure bred ridden mares with full manes and tails and all the flair of a stallion in Spain, because they are usually hard at work producing foals. 


Beautiful Carthusian mare with long flowing mane and tail and great movement.  16hh, 8 years old, excellent character and very good Cartujano and Yeguada Militar bloodlines. A ridden and well schooled high quality mare is a type hard to find.


To enquire about this mare and others, contact Sophie:

t: +44 (0)173 8787 291

m: +44 (0)789 9846 330

New Feature Stallion - Elegido!

16.2hh (approx) - Stunning Stallion

A great opportunity to buy a beautiful stallion with good bone and conformation at a perfect age and currently competing at medium - advanced medium dressage.   Lovely dark bay, 7 years old, very good natured, impressive movement.


Fantastic origins:

Paternal: M¬Fernanda de la Escalera y Yeguada Militar

Maternal: J║ Luis de la Escalera y Miguel Angel Cardenas


Viewing next week, more photos, information and video available shortly afterwards.


To enquire about this stallion and others, contact Sophie:

t: +44 (0)173 8787 291

m: +44 (0)789 9846 330

Contact Us


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with details of your 'quest' and we will be very happy to help you.


Best wishes




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Sophie Norman



Spanish Horse Quest

T: +44 (0)173 8787 291

M: +44 (0)789 9846 330


Horses For Sale

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Ref:1244 Show Detail
  PSL Lusitano Grey Stallion 167cm +/-

Price(Euros): 51,000 - 100,000

Born: 2010

Advanced lusitano doing all grand prix work, very good one tempi flying changes, pirouettes and piaffe. Very accurate, diligent and expressive. Ready ...

Ref:1243 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 165cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2016

Exceptional mover! Elite PRE stallion with out of this world gaits, stunning conformation and ancient bloodlines. World class show, dressage and stud ...

Ref:1242 Show Detail
  Lusitano X Warmblood (CDE) Dark Bay Stallion 164cm

Price(Euros): P.O.A.

Born: 2009

Stunning elite FEI stallion competing Intermediere II, working Grand Prix. Super piaffe, passage and tempi-changes. Lovely active hindleg, uphill pace ...

Ref:1240 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Dark Bay Stallion 165cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2014

Stunning big moving stallion with great prospects for high level dressage. Expressive movement, uphill canter, self carriage, gorgeous baroque dark ba ...

Ref:1239 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Palomino Stallion 166cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2103

Gorgeous and rare palomino PRE. Lovely temperament, basic training, super nice horse. Top quality choice for a breeder, rare to get a palomino of this ...

Ref:1238 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 164cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 167cm

Top class FEI potential stallion with three excellent gaits, amazing uphill canter, super trainable temperament, perfect for dressage. 16.2hh to make ...

Ref:1237 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Stallion 168cm/16.2hh

Price(Euros): P.O.A.

Born: 2004

Exclusive Elite International Grand Prix Stallion! We have witnessed this horse go from strength to strength and ultimate success with an impressive c ...

Ref:1236 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Black Stallion 164cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2009

Beautiful black stallion doing lateral work, half pass, flying changes and pirouettes. A dream horse for amateur or young rider dressage, super and ea ...

Ref:1235 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 162cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2014

Very handsome grey stallion with tonnes of mane, very typical looks and top quallity gaits. Amazing walk and canter for dressage, great extension, nob ...

Ref:1234 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Stallion 163cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2014

Quality young dark bay stallion with competition experience. Three good gaits, super canter, great temperament and lots of beauty. Will make very nice ...

Ref:1233 Show Detail
  PRE X Lusitano Palomino Gelding 165cm +/-

Price(Euros): 51,000 - 100,000

Born: 2011

Exceptional palomino CDE (Spanish Sportshorse) gelding with expressive movement, active hindleg and a high level of training including flying changes. ...

Ref:1232 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Gelding 165cm +/-

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2014

Top class future dressage horse. Super movement, great attitude to work, active hindleg and foreleg lift, expressive, exciting and full of potential. ...

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