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Updated 1st August

2006 National Breed Show

The breed show happens to fall on the same date as a close friend's wedding, so this year I have had to make a tough decision between business and pleasure, even tougher for me because my business is my passion.  A work/life balance is a challenge to achieve with so many frequent trips to Spain, so I have decided to redress the balance and go to the wedding.  I would like to wish all our clients who will be showing at the show, the very best of luck and a very enjoyable weekend to all of you who will go to spectate.  I thoroughly encourage anyone considering buying a Spanish horse to go to the show, not only to see the variety of Spanish types, but also to see the versatility and fun these horses offer for pleasure and competition.


Next Viewing Trip: 10 - 14 August

I will be going to the North of Spain next week and have some availability for viewing left.  Last minute day or overnight return flights can be found to Barcelona or Girona from most regional airports.  If you would like to know which horses are available for viewing in this region and would like to book a visit, please contact me and I will arrange all the details for you.

Please contact me to start your own Spanish Horse Quest

Tel: +44 (0) 7879846330


Yeguada Velasco - Exclusive to Spanish Horse Quest in the UK

Linda Harper, Dressage trainer and judge says of her recently imported magnificient young stallion (see left) bred and schooled by the Yeguada Velasco Stud:

"I was looking for a taller spanish horse with very good  paces and straight movement suitable for competitive dressage. I couldn't be happier with Cupido.  He is lovely to ride, very comfortable and willing, I don't want to get off.  I have to remember he is young, if he wasn't 3.1/2 yrs I would do a novice test on him tomorrow.  The stud did a super job bringing him on correctly, I was impressed with the "setup". I will continue the good work and keep him going gently untill he is a little older.

Many thanks Sophie, for all your help.  Everything seemed to work out so well, I kind of feel it was meant to be."


Not only do our clients recognise the high quality of horses sourced by us, but it has come to our attention that our competitors have noticed too and have contacted some of the breeders we work with to try to offer the same horses.  We consider this a great compliment and despite their efforts, we remain the sole UK agent for Yeguada Velasco, a modern breeder breeding a very much sought after and often hard to find type of Spanish horse with classical looks, ancient bloodlines and modern movement.  We consider this priviledged position a tribute to the good relationships we have established with breeders in Spain. 


For a full sales list for Yeguada Velasco stock from foals to PSG level dressage horses, contact us:

t: +44 (0) 1738 787291

m: +44 (0) 7899 846330



The Price of a Spanish Horse?

From Top: Quality PREs under 10,000, Beautiful Black PRE stallion over 20,000, Quality Partbred Gelding 4,900, PSG dressage stallion 17,500, quality youngstock from 5,000. An example of the range of high quality horses from Spanish Horse Quest. For more details, contact Sophie.

Those new to Spanish or Iberian horses can seem startled at the prices of the breed, thinking along the lines of surely horses from Spain must be cheaper than in the UK or isn't Spain a bit like Ireland with a good supply of quality horses at bargain prices or I can get a German warmblood for 8,000, so why would I spend 20,000 on a PRE?  Somewhat more bewildering is where to start with budget, particularly when you can open a page of UK sales magazines and see 'Andalusians' for 2,000 and Black PRE stallions for P.O.A. which those brave enough to enquire will get a very full 5 figure response.  The range of prices is as varied as the quality available. 


PRE or Andalusian?

'Andalusian' has become the general term used to refer to a Spanish horse.  A PRE (Pura Raza Espanola) is the Pure Bred Spanish Horse or Andalusian.  The confusion arises because people use the general term 'Andalusian' to cover unregistered horses that have failed their grading for PRE status, horses that have not been presented for grading and partbred Spanish horses, as well as the PRE.  This allows unscrupulous sellers to sell 'Andalusians' at 2,000 or worse still for the price of a PRE!  For further information on the PRE/Andalusian see and


Quality PREs generally range from 4,000 to 200,000.  This seemingly huge price range encompasses youngstock to Grand Prix dressage stallions.  Bloodlines, coat, training, conformation, character, competition record and a whole range of factors come into play to determine price.  Here at Spanish Horse Quest, we do not believe there is such a thing as a bargain horse, there is only very good value.  You get what you pay for.  A 'bargain horse' can end up costing you a lot more than you bargained for!  We are here to guide you through the maze of reasons why some horses are worth more than others and to help you find the best quality horse at the best value for your budget, as well as your dreams.  We want to see the breed grow and prosper and we see ourselves as playing an important role in their international reputation by ensuring that people have access to the best quality available in Spain, rather than picking off the poor quality horses that the Spanish don't want and trying to make a quick buck or two.  We only want to see horses of the highest quality sold through Spanish Horse Quest, whether they are 2,000 or 200,000.  This is important for our reputation and the reputation of the breed as a whole.


As famous breeder, Miguel Angel de Cardenas said: "The Andalusian has always been a highly priced horse, always, since it was created by Phillip II.  It was a horse for the nobility, the high hierarchies of the church, etc., it has always been expensive and it should go on being expensive."


We have a selection of good quality Spanish horses (PREs and partbreds) under 10,000, as well as horses up to 200,000.  We respect people's budgets and our aim is not to make to you spend to your limit, but to ensure that you get the best quality and value for your money.  We do this through sourcing high quality in the first place and weedling out the poor quality horses, then through negotiation, advising and securing the right horse for you.  The more specific and honest you can be about your budget, the better we can serve you.  It is not in our interests to inflate the market by selling overpriced horses as this will only come back on us, it is in our interest to have happy clients and successful partnerships who go on to recommend us and use us again and again.


Contact Sophie with your budget details:

M: 0789 9846330

T: 01738 787291






I run a very personal service sourcing horses to match your specifications and dreams. With a wealth of trusted contacts with breeders and trainers all over Spain, I can offer you the choice of the best Spanish horses at competitive prices. My aim is to ensure you have the opportunity to enjoy this special experience in a safe, unpressurised environment, while I do the legwork for you.

Start your own quest with Spanish Horse Quest today!

Best wishes,

Sophie Norman
Spanish Horse Quest

mobile: 0789 9846330 office: 01738 787291



Current For Sale List

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Ref:1275 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 167cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2011

Lovely PRE stallion doing Level 4. Great age to go out and start competing up the levels. Super nice character and lovely looks and conformation to ma ...

Ref:1274 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 166cm+/-

Price(Euros): P.O.A.

Born: 2007

Lovely schoolmaster type with good flying changes, half pass and lateral work. Mature horse (12 years) suitable for someone who wants to gain confiden ...

Ref:1273 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Gelding 164cm+/-

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2010

Fabulous schoolmaster gelding schooling Prix St George, 9 years old, super easy and kind, clean X-rays. Rare! Early viewing recommended. ...

Ref:1272 Show Detail
  PRE X KWPN Grey Stallion 170cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2014

Gorgeous Spanish Sportshorse (CDE) mare for sale. She is a rare KWPN cross PRE and a beauty with the outstanding paces of the warmblood and sweet trai ...

Ref:1271 Show Detail
  PSL Lusitano Grey Gelding 165cm +/-

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2012

Lusitano gelding doing Level 3 with three good paces, nice lateral work and counter canter. He hacks out and he has a wonderful character and is alway ...

Ref:1270 Show Detail
  PSL Lusitano Grey Stallion 158cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2006

Super smart advanced lusitano! Lovely little horse doing super piaffe, tempi changes, pirouettes, lateral work and Spanish Walk Really gorgeous type ...

Ref:1269 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Buckskin/Dun Stallion 167/8cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2012

Stunning Golden Buckskin Stallion - super sweet horse with very kind temperament and gorgeous looks to boot! Super walk, good lateral work and counter ...

Ref:1268 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Stallion 166cm+/-

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2010

Wonderful bay PRE stallion at the gates of Prix St George level - very nice tempi changes smooth and concentrated in the work. Initiated in piaffe and ...

Ref:1267 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 164cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2012

Beautiful Baroque body shaped dapple grey PRE stallion. Doing pirouettes, flying changes, half pass, piaffe and passage. Big neck, beautiful dapples ...

Ref:1266 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Dark Bay Stallion 166cm+/-

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2010

Beautiful dark bay stallion working Prix St George with very nice tempi changes, super character, safe, kind horse - very sweet in the stable and on t ...

Ref:1265 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Buckskin/Dun Stallion 166cm+/-

Price(Euros): 51,000 - 100,000

Born: 2013

Beautiful buckskin/bayo PRE Stallion. Strong breeding stallion with ee cream gene with the potential to give lots of interesting colours. The special ...

Ref:1264 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Stallion 162cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2010

Lovely Bay PRE Stallion doing all advanced work including flying changes, pirouettes, piaffe and passage. Safe and honest horse with beautiful looks l ...

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