Spanish Horse Quest - November NewsletterSpanish Horse Quest - November NewsletterSpanish Horse Quest - November Newsletter

Dear Friends

Welcome to the November Newsletter.  October just flew by for us, as I'm afraid did the newsletter, so I do apologise to those who were eagerly awaiting last month's edition.  The upside is that we have a bumper edition this month and we have many fantastic new horses for sale and we have spread our net even further in the quest to offer you the best Iberian horses available in the World. 


In this Issue:

  • November - a great time to buy youngstock
  • SICAB and Golega Horse Fairs - Spain and Portugal celebrate their treasured breeds
  • Horse of the Month
  • New Horses for Sale



November - A Great Time to buy Youngstock & Mares

November is the time all breeders have their doors open for sale of their youngstock.  This year's foals are weaned and ready to go, so you can have the pick of the crop and the very best bloodlines become affordable if you're prepared to take the risk and wait a couple of years.  Yearlings, two and three year olds can be still be bought at this year's prices before price's increase with their age next year.  For those with an interest in bloodlines, a keen eye and a speculative nature, buying a quality young horse can prove a significant investment, even despite all the risks associated with young horses, there is the potential to earn yourself a quality stallion and/or a healthy profit.  It also gives you the chance to nurture and bring on the type of horse you want and to discover how easy these horses are to train and back yourself.


The Autumn is also a fantastic time to buy mares in foal, effectively buying two horses in one and with only one transportation cost, no stud fee and the risks associated with sending your mare to stud removed, including whether she is in-foal or not.  We have many mares available in-foal to fantastic Calificado stallions (graded 'Elite' stallions), champion show winners or in-foal to stallions of special coats such as dun (buckskin) and black.  If you buy a mare in Spain, there is a wider choice of stallions for covering than anywhere else in the world.  We do not have many of them advertised on the website and this is because we think buying a mare is a little different to buying a stallion as the stallions are mainly ridden, there is a lot that you can discern about what you want in terms of training before you make a viewing trip for a riding horse.  Mares in Spain are seldom trained for riding.  With a mare, we can source to order in terms of colour, age and bloodlines and then find the right stud farm for you and invite you to view a few of them.  In our experience, the mare usually chooses you.


Please contact us if you are interested in buying mare or youngstock.

m: +44 (0) 7899 846330

t/f: +44 (0) 1738 787291

SICAB and Golega - Spain and Portugal celebrate their treasured breeds

The annual national horse fairs of Spain and Portugal are exciting celebrations of equestrian culture and inspiring demonstrations of how central the horse is to their culture.  The fairs last for days and exhibit the multitude of disciplines in which the dexterous Iberian horse can excel including dressage, doma vaquera (traditional cattle working/cowboy dressage), driving, showing and performing to music.  Wonderful local and seasonal food is on offer such as roasted chestnuts and young wine of the earth and sherry and port.  Stunning horses, traditional costume and music add to the colour and sensual richness of these spectacular events.  It would be very hard to leave these events without an Iberian horse addiction if you do not already harbour one.


Golega Fair, Portugal 2006 3-5th and 8th-12th November

For more information see: Feira Nacional do Cavalo


SICAB 2006 21st-26th November

For more information see:


Viewing Horses for Sale

We will be in Seville and at SICAB for the entire week and a half and will be conducting viewing visits of horses for sale in the area for clients and introducing you to some of our top breeders at SICAB.  We are currently taking bookings for viewing days, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to combine a horse shopping trip with a visit to SICAB.

Meet us at SICAB:

tel: +44 (0) 7899 846330

Horse of the Month

With a name like Heroe CEN, he is born for fame and honour!  But that is not why this horse has made the horse of the month position, nor is it because of his beautiful jet black coat and stunning baroque looks, nor his exceptional bloodlines.  Heroe has made the horse of the month position because he is simply the best natured 3 year old stallion I have ever come across.  Only backed very recently, but going ever so quietly and willingly, this horse has the most trainable character.  The photos and video were taken after a week of storms in the Spain and it had actually been a complete downpour only minutes before I arrived.  When it rains in Spain, it really pours!  So, the horses had not had much exercise the previous few days, yet Heroe was quietly tacked up and ridden and eagerly cantered through the puddles without a question.  Thanks to the weather, the photos don't show this lovely stallion in all his glory.  At 16.2hh and 3 years old, this stallion is only going to get bigger, better and more beautiful!


See Ref 204 for more details or contact us for video.

New Horses for Sale

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Our Elite Spanish Horses category features FEI dressage horses, Grand Prix dressage horses, Calificado stallions, Champion show winners and rare horses with special genetics, breeding, colour or movement. Suitable for the discerning buyer including competitive professionals, breeders and amateurs alike. Generally, but not exclusively, they range from €100,000 - €1 million euros. Not all of the Elite horses we have on our books are listed on the website for professional rider's privacy reasons, please contact us directly if you are looking for an Elite Spanish horse.

Ref:1230 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 163cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2012

Stunning PRE stallion with WOW paces! He flies! Lovely hot engine, huge potential, recently brought into professional training. Full set of clean xray ...

Ref:1229 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Mare 170cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2013

Top class sporty ridden PRE mare! Standing at 170cm, she has a fantastic temperament, great engine and incredible uphill paces. A great dressage prosp ...

Ref:1228 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Black Stallion 165cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2014

Beautiful and elegant black stallion with three great paces for dressage and basic training. Elite bloodlines from famous Calificado stallion Erminta ...

Ref:1227 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Buckskin/Dun Stallion 162cm

Price(Euros): 10,000 - 25,000 euro

Born: 2006

Gorgeous Buckskin filly with exceptional ancient Carthusian/Cartujano Calificado bloodlines and top conformation. To make at least 163cm. Rare to find ...

Ref:1226 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Mare 165cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2005

Top class mare with outstanding conformation and movement. Can be covered with elite stallion of choice. ...

Ref:1224 Show Detail
  Hannoverian Dark Bay Gelding 178cm

Price(Euros): 51,000 - 100,000

Born: 2006

FEI Hannoverian gelding working all grand prix, competing PSG and Intermediere I with 70%. Top competition horse with experience at international and ...

Ref:1222 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Dark Bay Stallion 169cm

Price(Euros): 26,000 - 50,000

Born: 2010

Gorgeous dark bay stallion with spectacular gaits and suspension. Doing lateral work and flying changes. Lovely temperament and looks. Top class Escal ...

Ref:1217 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Black Stallion 167cm +/-

Price(Euros): P.O.A.

Born: 2008

EXCLUSIVE Dream Black PRE PSG/Grand Prix Stallion. Here is an extremely rare gem with lovely expressive paces and advanced training. Currently competi ...

Ref:1216 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 168cm

Price(Euros): 51,000 - 100,000

Born: 2011

Stunning and talented FEI prospect! Lovely PRE stallion with sportshorse conformation and paces, almost Prix St George dressage level, professionally ...

Ref:1215 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 166cm+/-

Price(Euros): P.O.A.

Born: 2006

Dream horse! Gorgeous elite grey "Horse of Kings" noble type of classical Spanish horse with FEI quality, currently competing Small Tour. Working fly ...

Ref:1213 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Grey Stallion 165cm +/-


Born: 2008

Superb Small Tour FEI grey stallion. Very smart stallion competing Prix St Georges/Inter I with results of 69%. Piro-negative, great conformation and ...

Ref:1211 Show Detail
  PRE Andalusian Bay Stallion 166cm+/-

Price(Euros): P.O.A.

Born: 2009

Top Grand Prix PRE stallion with superb temperament, three great paces, a good engine and he is piro-negative! Competition results consistently over 6 ...

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